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Women in the Food Sector: Women in the Food Sector

Women in the Food Sector: Women in the Food Sector

Sara Menker and Gro Intelligence Are Tackling Global Hunger

The two women were seated at opposite ends of a small conference room when I arrived there, but had to turn around when we started discussing food security. Gro Intelligence is an independent non-profit that was borne out of the hunger in the developing world, and Menker, a former senior adviser to the UN under Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, has spent her share of time visiting the developing world and meeting with hunger-plagued nations. She is now the chief operating officer for Gro Intelligence, and her goal, she said, is to provide technology and expertise to help feed the world’s hungry, while also providing a forum for the exchange of ideas on improving the food situation worldwide.

Gro Intelligence is headquartered in Switzerland, with offices in Washington, New York and Geneva. According to the website, it is “dedicated to improving the performance of business in the areas of technology and innovation, leadership development and sustainability, and has an international impact in the fields of agriculture, health, education, tourism and media.”

Meker said the organization aims to bring together leaders in business and the public sector to discuss, share, and work together to improve the efficiency of the food and agriculture sector, with a particular focus on how to solve problems such as hunger and other forms of malnutrition.

“We are about a collaboration across a number of sectors,” she said. “We are a non-profit and we rely on donations. We believe that, in order to do all of this, we need to collaborate across sectors, because it’s not about one sector, it’s about a whole movement, a whole system.”

Gro Intelligence has partnered with Oxfam America and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on projects around rural development and development, including water and sanitation projects in rural India and Afghanistan. The organization also works with governments around the world on projects that focus on agriculture, nutrition and rural development.

Meker, who is originally from Canada and grew up in India, said she joined Gro Intelligence in 2011 because she sees the need for a new organization that can help fill the gaps in the global food system caused by a lack of technology and innovation in the agricultural sector.

“We’re trying to work together across the world to tackle these problems,” she

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