Why We Should Worry About China’s Authoritarian Mindset

Eight reasons to be scared of China

In many ways, China is the biggest threat to the free and open society that we’ve ever known. Some of those threats are real, and some are manufactured by bad actors, but the underlying reality is that the Chinese government is using its power and influence to maintain control over the population.

When it comes to authoritarianism, there is no other country that comes close to China. It would be a mistake to imagine that, as time goes by, China will eventually become less oppressive and more democratic. Its authoritarian mindset was and is a powerful force, and it will be with us for so long as long as it continues to pursue its goal of becoming a superpower by the end of the next century, a goal that it shares with the United States of America.

So the question we need to ask ourselves is: will we allow China’s authoritarian mindset to go unchecked and grow unchecked until it is ready to attack the United States and steal its strength? The good news is that it would take a disaster – like a nuclear bomb – for the Chinese government to do that, but it is still worth analyzing why we should worry about a country that has ruled by its own will for more than 1,000 years.

Why are the U.S. government and many of its supporters and allies so reluctant to criticize China for its authoritarian nature?

Part of it is a fear that China is about to fall so far in the development of its economy that it will collapse into chaos. But the Chinese economy – while not yet the most dynamic in the world, nor one of the most advanced, nor a global leader in all of these areas – is still growing and is by far a more modern economy than any of its competitors. Because China has been able to grow and develop and remain economically dynamic and internationally competitive as a result of that development, it has been able to be a far more formidable threat to American security and international order – including security within the United States – than its competitors. Its rise as a global power will likely be a factor in determining when the United States will be able to develop a larger and less costly military, and in which areas of the world and region it will try to protect

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