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Why the Media Was So Uninterested in Electing Hillary Clinton?

Why the Media Was So Uninterested in Electing Hillary Clinton?

Op-Ed: The neglect of younger voters is a lost opportunity for political parties, the media, and government programs

The last election, as the results came in, was one of hope. We are on the cusp of a generational divide.

The rise of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader has created a crisis within both the liberal media and the Labour Party itself. The Corbyn phenomenon is an echo of the Sanders revolution of 2016. I thought Bernie Sanders was the greatest political phenomenon of all time, but it seems he is now viewed as a little more of an embarrassment than a revolution.

In the 2016 election, the Liberal Media gave Hillary Clinton only the tiniest of chances to defeat Trump. But they gave her no chance of defeating a third-term American President, and she took them on.

So, why was the media so uninterested in electing Hillary? They were afraid a Trump presidency couldn’t be stopped and Clinton would win anyway. It’s hard to imagine the US media being so stupid and lazy.

Yet, those very same media and political parties have turned a blind eye to the Brexit and the rise of Jeremy Corbyn. But, in both cases, they could have done so much to ensure a strong leader and a successful future in Britain and internationally.

In the case of Brexit, the MSM were wrong in predicting that the UK would quit in 2018. The UK had no choice but to leave the EU, and it did so by referendum. It’s a shame that the press got it wrong. But it’s not the fault of the media. It’s a fact of life that politicians always take their time to achieve something and that in elections, politicians take more time to campaign and get things done.

They also don’t get things done quickly, so they spend most of their time in office doing the things they had promised before the election. That’s why I blame the media for the lack of progress we are seeing on housing.

But, in other cases, political parties have been completely asleep at the wheel. In the case of Jeremy Corbyn, the political parties in Westminster (at both the EU and national level) have neglected younger voters and ignored their concerns.

We have had a referendum on a new Conservative Party leader. We have had elections in

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