Why I Don’t Want My Children to Be On The “Adults Only” Invitation List

Why Don’t Guests Respect Our ‘Adults Only’ Invitations?

We’ve all received an invitation from a company that invites us to be on the “adults only” invite list. In response to that, we might go out of our way to answer in a way that we know the guest (or even a parent or grandparent) will respect our boundaries.

I recently got an invitation from a company that invites you to be on their “adults only” list. The invitation came in the form of an email that read, “For the sake of your parents, please do not respond,” and that was it. The invitation did not mention the company, the venue, or an explicit reason for the “adults just” invitation. I don’t even remember what the company did or offered to the guest I was invited to be on their “adults only” list.

As a result of this invitation I did what I believe everyone who receives an invitation like this should do immediately: I asked the company to be specific. I requested an explicit reason.

I did not get a response from their side about why they invited me to be on the “adults only” list. I did get an email that said the company will be holding a “private event” on May 22nd. That email did not mention any specific reason for the event or a way that guests could be notified of the event. In fact, it specifically invited their current and potential guests to bring a guest without a reservation to their “private event”.

It is my belief that this “adults only” invitation is a violation of our fundamental human rights to have the choice of who we consent to be around or how we consent. The fact that this invitation was offered does not change the fact that this is a violation of basic human rights that all of us, regardless of age, should have. These basic human rights include the right to privacy, the right not to have our privacy intrusion upon, and the right not to have our social lives made public by one’s employer, family, and personal networks.

In a recent article for CBS, I wrote about why we don’t even want our children to be able to receive invitation lists from strangers at parties. I wrote, “I would rather give a

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