Why companies are failing to cut their energy use in factories

Op-Ed: Here’s how companies can strong-arm their suppliers into cutting carbon emissions

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Every day, companies around the world sell products that use up huge amounts of energy, drive around huge amounts of miles, or both.

Yet, they are failing to take more steps to reduce their energy use.

This is a terrible outcome. By failing to make good their emissions emissions, companies are causing climate chaos.

This is why climate campaigners in the UK and beyond are calling on the British government to get tough with companies that refuse to do their bit to mitigate climate change.

They are rightly raising concerns about companies that are doing more than they need to. But here I want to focus on a group of companies that refuse to do their bit, despite it being one of the easiest actions on which to cut greenhouse gas emissions: reducing energy use in factories.

Last week, I wrote a column for this website on a group of businesses, many of which are based in the UK, that have cut energy use in their factories far more than they needed to.

All these companies have been named in a report for the Government’s Business Climate Action Plan, which is being published by the Committee on Climate Change.

The report calls on companies to do their bit to cut energy use by 40% by 2020 across all their operations.

But, the list of companies mentioned who refuse to cut their energy use was pretty small – and it is getting smaller, and smaller, all the time.

In this week’s Op-Ed, I want to make the case that such companies should be listed in the Climate Action Plan for the UK.

Here’s why:

The UK already has a list of all the companies in the country that refuse to cut their energy use; it is the Climate Pledge. It was started by the Business for Climate campaign in 2015 to raise awareness of the need to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

I’ve written about the Climate Pledge before – you can read an article I wrote last year about it here – but this week I want to examine the pledge more closely.

The business climate action plan will help the government to get tough with companies that refuse to do their bit to mitigate climate change.

The fact that a Business for Climate activist –

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