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Heather Scoffield: Ottawa sends a message to China, by rolling out the red carpet for Nokia

On behalf of Heather Scoffield, we would like to thank Nokia for the warm welcomes they extended to the students, faculty and staff of the University of Ottawa today. It is evident that Nokia and the University welcome the arrival of students from all over the world who come to Ottawa looking for a better future.

They welcome our students with a warm welcome, a warm spirit and a warm friendship with many of the members of our community and faculty. They represent the very best of our University and we are grateful for their support.

The fact that our students, our staff and our community welcome these students from across the world demonstrates that our community is strong and our University is a strong and growing university.

This is a positive thing for our community to notice. At the same time, these students represent a growing number of Chinese students who we know are here to learn how to be successful and successful entrepreneurs, and to learn the very best about the world and about themselves from an American student, whether a first- or second-generation student, or not a student at all.

They also represent a growing number of Chinese students who are seeking to succeed as entrepreneurs in Canada and in our industry.

Last week, President Dr. Ferguson introduced the following visiting students, all of whom have participated in his leadership courses and all of whom were admitted in this year’s class of 20 to 21 students. The full-time Master of Business Administration will enroll in the 2016-2017 academic year.

Professor Zong-Jie Zhao

President of Zong-Jie Zhao Company, a leading China-China apparel brand for women, Mr. Zhao will lead a research project focusing on the development of an apparel brand based on the Chinese traditional jade painting. He is also studying the value of Chinese traditional culture in the design and the production process of high quality product.

Prof. Hongfei Zhou

President of the Chinese Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship, a leading business school for post-graduate degree, Mr. Zhou will lead a research project focusing on the study of the future of entrepreneurship. He is also a PhD candidate in the Department of Management at the

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