Vaccine debate could flare in 2020

CDC advisers’ vote to put COVID shots on ‘vaccine schedule’ ignites new fight in midterm campaigns over vaccine controversies

by Staff | August 10, 2020

A federal report, issued Wednesday, found the U.S. immunization schedule has not been proven effective at preventing or containing vaccine-preventable diseases

Advocates for sick children and families call for a change in vaccination practices

An outbreak of a disease linked to contaminated vaccines at the Disneyland theme park began earlier this year

Advocates for sick children and families call for a change in vaccination practices

by Staff | January 10, 2020

While it was a rare example of Congress working in the public’s interest, it marked the latest skirmish in a long battle over vaccination.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices vote to put booster shots on the routine vaccination schedule for young children could set the stage for a new conflict in the vaccine-debate in the lead-up to the 2020 elections.

The vote was to add the shots to the national routine childhood vaccinations schedule at a meeting of lawmakers on Wednesday. The CDC was reportedly unanimous in its decision to put these shots on the schedule, a decision that will be open for public comment. In an effort to keep the public informed, the CDC will make a formal recommendation about the schedule and a final recommendation after a longer public comment period.


The CDC has faced sharp criticism for its approval of the widespread routine vaccination program, which includes more than 1.7 billion doses of the routine childhood vaccines in the U.S. and has led to the rise of many preventable diseases in the U.S.

The decision came after weeks of public and congressional scrutiny on the decision to allow vaccine manufacturers to share and use data on how vaccines are used, with no requirement to obtain informed consent from vaccine recipients.

Those who

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