US Tennis Coach Davees says he was “heartened” by his team’s performance in the World T20 loss to New Zealand

US tennis star feels some people don’t want Black players to succeed

ROBBIE McCAULEY (USA TODAY) – The US National Tennis Coach says he was “heartened” by his team’s performance in Monday’s World T20 loss to New Zealand, even though it wasn’t the most promising tournament of the year – or ever.

In the wake of the disappointing defeat, coach Davees has responded by blasting the press, especially media members with ‘negative’ stories.

“The media doesn’t like you if they think you’re not doing well,” Davees said in a telephone interview with USA TODAY Sports, according to the report first obtained by the AP. “I understand that. I have that too.

“They put you down if you’re not doing well. I would say that’s part of the game. But, of course, they’re also there to give you attention.”

Davees said that he spoke with the White House and the White House issued their response to the USTA’s press release in which they said they were “disappointed” by the losses. But it was the negative stories that started the dominoes falling.

The first domino was when USA TODAY Sports reported on the USTA’s response. That’s when Davees responded on the phone with his feelings to the story and how he was frustrated by what he saw as a “dishonest” and “outright lying” press report.

It’s not the first time Davees has spoken with the media about the tennis community, but he’s certainly taken it harder than most. When he was asked how he would respond to a bad play by a US player, Davees said the first time he’s been asked that question, he’s said “I’d throw the guy out the tour.” But, he said, he’d be more polite this time as he was surrounded by “a lot of great young guys” at the World Team Championships in France, so the player didn’t make it past the second round.

Now the question is what happens if US tennis loses again. Davees says he didn’t take anything away from what the team did on Monday but does think the US have

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