UK is recruiting 250 Chinese pilots to train in China

China has recruited dozens of British ex-military pilots to train Chinese counterparts: report

Britain’s Ministry of Defence has confirmed it is recruiting retired Royal Air Force and Army personnel to train Chinese pilots.

According to a confidential defence document obtained by the London Evening Standard, the Ministry of Defence is also recruiting over 250 Chinese pilots to be trained by UK personnel.

The training programme, which is likely to begin this year, is a response to Beijing signing a contract with the UK worth around £4 billion over the next 10 years, according to the document.

“The contract includes the provision of training to Chinese pilots of both Royal Air Force and Royal Navy squadrons of fighter aircraft, helicopters, and maritime patrol aircraft,” the document states.

“Some 300 officers and 500 specialist staff will be required for each service – and for the Royal Navy, a larger requirement in the form of 300 engineers, 50 sailors and 25 marines.”

The UK government is “making inroads” in China since the “new relationship with the world’s major powers” began in the late 1960s, The Sunday Times reported.

The government’s decision to spend billions of pounds of taxpayers’ money training Chinese partners and establishing “close military links” with them comes in response to China signing a £4 billion deal with the British government in 2010.

The London-based newspaper reported that the new training will take place in a “state-of-the-art facility” on the Chinese mainland, which will house the programme. The Sunday Times also reported that the programme will take advantage of “state of the art” simulators.

The London-based newspaper is referring to a document from the Ministry of Defence which said the UK, as a result of “a new partnership with China in the areas of defence, security and diplomatic and development co-operation”, had spent billions on “various initiatives” in China since it opened its doors in the late 1960s.

In 2010, a report by the International Institute for Strategic Studies showed that the

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