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Trump’s Climate Change Speech: A Brief History

Trump’s Climate Change Speech: A Brief History

Live updates | UN Climate Summit: US president delivers powerful, detailed speech on the urgency of climate change

Donald Trump spoke for more than an hour about how he plans to address the dangers of climate change. He said, “I see no plan to control global warming. I see no plan to stop it.”

Trump told the audience, a crowd estimated to be between 300,000 and 400,000 people, that he would be “totally prepared” to dismantle the Clean Power Plan. He would “cut the EPA budget by 90%.” And he vowed to bring back coal.

Trump called climate change the “greatest crisis of our time.” But he did not name any specific policies, or even a specific plan. He offered broad, general comments about a variety of issues, including infrastructure development, which he said would be “the greatest economic development plan since the Renaissance.” He said he would “bring back steel.”

And he vowed to “make a great wall.”

Trump also said he would “open up [the] country.”

The full video is embedded below:

A look at Trump’s speech below.

You can find a summary of Trump’s speech below:

And here’s a longer video from CBS News:

He said things like “the problem of climate change is not a problem of science, but a problem for politics” and that “a great number of scientists now believe climate change is real.” He said there is “no debate” that warming is happening at an alarming rate. “There’s no debate.”

Trump also said that “we have to get to work immediately and put forward a real plan to put our people and our economy on a level playing field” and promised to return to “the gold standard of the United States of America.”

That means he’d get rid of the federal regulations that he says would hurt business, like the Clean Power Plan which he says was a “

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