Toronto’s Public Health Agency is Vaccinating Children

Scotiabank Arena to host mass COVID-19 vaccination clinic for young kids Dec. 12-14

Toronto Star | News | April 13, 2020

The Toronto Star’s Sarah B. Parker talks with Dr. George Arzaga, director of the Public Health Agency of Canada’s Vaccines Program, about how the coronavirus might disrupt vaccination plans.

On Monday, Dec. 12, the city of Toronto announced it will be closing down its public swimming pools for a month in early 2020.

It is a big move—it’s the biggest such move since the city first closed its beaches during the Ebola outbreak in 2014.

The reason? A coronavirus outbreak that is projected to occur during the next four to six months.

The city will also be closing all public swimming pools within the next three months.

The news comes at a time of huge change for Toronto: In April, it is moving away from “safe” to “cautious” and “reload” the public housing stock, and it is implementing a number of aggressive social-distancing measures, particularly for the homeless population.

This week, the province announced it is sending home its entire public health-care system to contain a possible coronavirus outbreak.

The biggest question to come out of all these moves and news is, how much longer will young children be protected by routine vaccinations?

This week, the Toronto Star is featuring Dr. George Arzaga, director of the Public Health Agency of Canada’s Vaccines Program, who is helping to educate parents and community leaders about the importance of vaccinating their children, particularly those under 5 months of age.

Dr. Arzaga sits down this week to talk about the potential impact of COVID-19 on vaccination programs, and what the public health agency is doing to make sure children get their recommended vaccinations.

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