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Top 10 Best Pop Albums of the Last Decade

Top 10 Best Pop Albums of the Last Decade

Here’s how Taylor Swift’s prolific run of albums stacks up against the all-time greats…

When it comes to having arguably the most varied career to date, it comes as little surprise that few artists have had as many albums in the Top 10 as Taylor Swift. The latest entries in her acclaimed canon, 1989 and Red, are by far the strongest new releases we’ve seen from the multi-hyphenate pop star.

That doesn’t mean she’s not making significant strides. She’s still getting her act together, and her latest output is no exception. It’s a diverse affair filled with a variety of styles, ranging from pop to R&B to country to dance. Her latest is her longest running, and its strongest entry in her catalog. Of course, the album itself isn’t really new. What is new is that one of the strongest modern pop artists is doing a career retrospective.

We’ve put together a top 10 of the albums in the public’s collective record books by compiling and ranking the best pop albums that have topped the Billboard 200 chart. Some albums make the cut despite not making any debuts on the Billboard 200, while some are included simply because of their consistency throughout the decades, and others simply because their significance is unique.

For this list, we’ve chosen to focus on albums released in the last decade or so. While there are some strong contenders on most of these lists, no album made it on the list with a perfect score. The main point here is to give an overview of what’s currently happening, and provide some context for the best albums of the last decade.

Note: The Billboard 200 chart is based on album sales via the week of January 9 through February 3, and it is published every Friday. Album sales by album chart position are from Nielsen SoundScan week ending December 31 of the most recent year’s chart. (Album sales by other sources are from the album’s first week of release until the week of the week ending the following January, and are adjusted to reflect album-equivalent album sales.) Albums charting on the

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