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The Woman Who Made Me Feel Like She Was In The Presence of Something Extraordinary

The Woman Who Made Me Feel Like She Was In The Presence of Something Extraordinary

‘Welcome to Chippendales’ is an engrossing trip back in time to seedy 1980s L.A.

It’s a little known fact that in 1980, Chippendales was one of the West’s premier leather bars. But where other leather bars were all about their leather, Chippendales was all about sex, glamour, and big bucks. The place was an L.A. hotspot, but Chippendales isn’t just a bar. It’s that thing where you go to a place and find out who the hell the owner is, and then they take you up on that offer. And the owner was Lorna Morelli, who had a way of making a woman feel as if she were in the presence of something extraordinary. She was like a high priestess of chic, and it was clear that she didn’t want just anyone to be at Chippendales, she wanted to see the best of the best: the hottest, the best dressed, the best skin—that was Lorna Morelli.

This is a good thing, because Lorna Morelli was a real beauty. She was a brunette and a tall, willowy Italian babe straight out of a movie. Lorna was in her late twenties when I met her for the first time. We were both students at USC, and she was a regular at Chippendales. She’d come to the club as often as she could, and then there was always a place that she wanted to go to with a hot leather man, with a guy who was really smart, who was into a lot of sex, and who could keep his hands to himself. At times we’d just sit on the couch and chat, but other times she’d take me back to Chippendales to do a little drinking and dancing with this hot stranger in leather, and I loved it. She’d bring me back to where she’d found all of these men

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