The two brothers allegedly slashed their wrists and necks while fighting with three men at the gay pride festival

Myles Sanderson was the only killer in Canada mass stabbings, and his brother was a victim, police say.

The first suspect in last year’s stabbings at Toronto’s gay pride festival was a Canadian who said he wanted to kill “punks like me,” his lawyer said Wednesday.

The two brothers, who are in their 20s, allegedly slashed their wrists and necks while fighting with three men at the June 2, 2016 gay pride festival.

The two alleged killers were arrested by Toronto police in July and charged with five counts, including murder. They are due back in court on Dec. 19.

Myles Sanderson had told police he wanted to kill “punks like me,” his family’s lawyer said Wednesday.

Myles Sanderson and his brother, Steven Sanderson, were walking down the sidewalk on Dundas St. W. early on June 2, 2016 when two other men flagged them down, police confirmed.

Steven Sanderson was carrying a large knife and Myles Sanderson was armed with his hands on his hips, holding his pocket knife, Sgt. Stephen Brown, the Toronto police homicide unit lead, testified at a bail hearing for the siblings.

They yelled at Steven Sanderson, the lawyer who has been defending them said Wednesday.

“He’s saying something — I can’t remember what — at this point,” she said.

Both brothers allegedly walked behind the men, who had weapons, their lawyer said.

As the brothers walked back to their homes, they allegedly began arguing with two of the men who approached them because they did not want to be stabbed.

Myles Sanderson’s lawyer had said the accused killer told police “he was going to kill punks like me,” who he thought were “punks,” his family’s lawyer told the court Wednesday.

“He wasn’t interested in the (gay) festival,” her argument continued.

When police arrived, the brothers were fighting their attackers, both yelling, according to the police testimony.

Police say Myles Sanderson’s brother had slashed his throat.

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