The Story of Piggy’s Murder

Review: Twisty thriller ‘Piggy’ seeks justice and more

Twisty thriller ‘Piggy’ seeks justice and more

In the beginning, there were only two things to be seen on that rainy and stormy night in the early spring. Piggy was an innocent 9-year-old girl and her younger brother, an infant, was crying to get out of bed. That’s when her mother, Ani, rushed in with a bucket of cold water.

The next day, as the boys were eating breakfast, a neighbor, a woman named Mary, found Piggy’s naked body in the well where she had been dropped to the bottom.

A young mother, the neighbor, came to the house to get the babies. But, as she approached she saw a man holding Piggy, who was dead. She thought that she was hallucinating as she watched Piggy, still alive and screaming to get out of the well. He continued to scream and kick to the top of the water until a neighbor’s wife came to lift him out of the bucket. As she did, Piggy screamed to the neighbors in the yard and called out Piggy’s name.

The neighbors began calling the police to come and take the man away. But, the police say, he was there on the corner watching the house, so they couldn’t do anything else. The other neighbors did their best to comfort the woman who found Piggy with the baby. A few days later, the police found the poor mother sitting quietly at her kitchen table eating dinner.

It was the same woman, Mary, who found Piggy. She told police that the man who had held Piggy until she stopped screaming was the same man who was in the water at the bottom of the well. She said that he had covered her face with a hat when he took the babies out, and that made her lose her grip on the babies and drop them to the bottom.

The police investigated, but they couldn’t find any trace of the man who committed this child’s murder. But, after they failed to find the man, Mary decided to take Piggy to the police and tell them her story.

She went to the police station to report

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