The State of the Union Addresses

On the issues: Rep. Young Kim and Asif Mahmood on abortion, inflation and immigration

The State of the Union addresses are usually one of the great events of the political year. On Tuesday night, though, Democrats in Congress were on the defensive. With their president in Washington, Democrats don’t have his fire. And in the Senate chamber, Republicans made the national party look downright mean.

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I’m happy to hear that the US is working on creating a better environment to deal with climate change. Unfortunately, the US doesn’t have the power to create a better environment in the global market. And the US cannot control the climate anymore because it doesn’t have the right to pollute. If the US wants a cleaner environment, the US must join the environmental movement and develop new technologies such as solar panels and wind turbines.

It was a great event. I was so excited by the debates and the exchanges between President Obama and Sen. McCain. It was great to hear different views. I thought the majority of the responses had great points, which is important for all of us to hear. It was sad to see that Sen. McCain gave such an irresponsible response that he could not defend himself.

I was also pleased the President gave a few good responses, such as on China and the economy. The economy will never be the same after this recession. The US does not have the power to help the economy through the government, because the government does not exist in the US.

On the immigration issue, I think the President should ask Congress to legalize illegal immigrant workers, such as the H-2B visa. The US is currently allowing companies to pay for illegal immigrant workers, and will have to deal with the huge costs of doing so.

On the issue of inflation, I believe the problem of inflation is not that it is too high, but that it is caused by the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy. The Fed has been trying to control this inflation using other methods, such as raising interest rates, but the effect

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