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The Sound of Jannica Kowalski

The Sound of Jannica Kowalski

Karaoke in the time of COVID-19

Karaoke has been all around the world for decades. How did karaoke become a “crisis” now? And what’s at stake for all the venues across the globe?

“Karaoke has been all around the world for decades. How did karaoke become a ‘crisis’ now?” – Dr. Masha Besson

In the summer of 2006, I was invited by Jannica Kowalski to appear on her radio show, “The Sound of Jannica,” along with her co-host/mentor, Paul Pfeffer. During our chat, Jannica mentioned that she’d purchased an old bar piano in her native Seattle, Washington, and made plans to teach herself how to play. In fact, she had played piano most of her life!

I’d seen my friend play at least 10 years earlier, in the back yard of our home in Toronto, and then again a few years later, in my own backyard in the city. When I tried to buy a piano for my house a few years later, I was turned down by several “experts” because they thought that I wasn’t interested in piano. I had no idea at the time what that meant.

“I was only interested in getting rid of the piano and buying a new one, because I decided to pursue music,” I said at the time. “And just so you know, I wasn’t even going to play it like a piano.”

We talked a lot about music at that time. Jannica had a great love of music, and in fact had been involved in the Music Club of Vancouver, a Vancouver-based organization that focused on music education through teaching musical instruments to kids aged six to 12. After college, I also

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