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The Sexually Involved Second Year Resident

The Sexually Involved Second Year Resident

Anderson Aldrich: Fragments of a troubled young life emerge, but mysteries remain

The second year resident was suspended for several months after an altercation at the home of a resident of a particular sexual orientation. This resident reported Aldrich to the Residential Life Committee. He was told he should be able to return to his dormitory of the college of his senior year. Aldrich claimed this was a lie because he was out of town and did not know the resident was the person in the altercation.

It was the semester after one night of sex with the second year resident that he attempted suicide. He had lost all interest in sex for several months. His roommates had sex with each other and Aldrich was left alone with the second year resident. Aldrich believed they were doing it to get a place to stay.

The residents claimed that Aldrich was sexually involved with the resident and that the resident was angry with him because he refused to let Aldrich spend the night with her. At the time, a rumor circulated that the resident had been sexually assaulted. A woman was in possession of this rumor.

Aldrich claimed that this was a lie and his fellow residents were spreading the story that he was involved with the resident. He felt forced to join the rumors because this was a violation of his rights and because of the reputation of the university.

At the time of Aldrich’s confrontation with the resident, he had decided to have an abortion. His father approved, despite the fact that the father was gay and Aldrich had chosen to live with him rather than have contact with him. It was during this time that the second year resident and Aldrich decided to have sex on more than one occasion. The incidents occurred in the second year resident’s apartment, where she had lived since Aldrich’s arrival at the college. The incidents were very sexual. They involved Aldrich and the second year resident having sex with each other.

The second year resident decided to leave the apartment. She wanted to pursue her education, but the rumors and the sex were making her sick. Aldrich began to go out of town quite extensively.

Aldrich was suspended from his internship at the college and was told that he could not live in the dormitory. He was moved to another dormitory

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