The Rise of Blogs

Campaign Press Aides Move From the Shadows to Social Media Stardom

While “behind the scenes” behind the scenes seems to be the first phrase that comes to minds when talking about the growing use of social media for news reporting, some news outlets are doing more than simply posting the latest breaking news. While the press has been largely static for decades, these new forms of media are growing at an ever-increasing rate.

For years, journalists have used social media sites as a supplement to print and broadcast media in their news coverage. In some cases, journalists have taken advantage of new tools like Twitter to report and explain key events that happen in the news and to publish stories before they make the news.

As the use of social media services have become more commonplace among newsrooms, some news organizations have begun to employ full-time bloggers, journalists and social media professionals to produce content to help spread news across the world through Twitter, Facebook and so on.

The news-sharing and distribution of blogs has become an increasingly important part of many newspapers because of the way it can be used to increase readership, promote stories and stories across multiple media platforms and generate word-of-mouth communication. Blogs enable journalists to not only provide information and opinion in multiple places and formats but also produce original content to promote what they’re reporting.

The growth of blogs over the past few years has been seen as an exciting way for news organizations to reach audiences beyond their home market, who are unable to read newspapers, or who have limited access to traditional print media, according to Eric J. Hultman, president of the Free Press Association, a media advocacy group.

“The real potential of the blog is not to replace a big newspaper, but to give them a new and valuable vehicle which is very powerful,” said Hultman, who holds an international award for journalism. “It enables them to reach a different audience in a very different format

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