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The proposal includes a parking structure on top of the site

The proposal includes a parking structure on top of the site

Opponents seek to end a bungee-jumping venue, citing environmental and safety concerns, which would allow their plan to move forward Thursday.

The proposal, which would allow for a 50,000-capacity amphitheater outside a major city and a 30,000-capacity auditorium in another city, was filed with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency last week.

“The facility is just too big … (and) that’s not fair to the residents of our communities,” said Ken Densman, a member of the group who opposes the proposal.

“We are trying to solve a problem where most of the solutions are out there already,” said Densman, who lives in the area. “The problem is we can’t build them here, because then we’d have to tear down our communities.”

The idea stems from a 2003 proposal to add a high-volume, bistro-style performance and entertainment space to the west end of Portland. That proposal generated opposition from surrounding residents and a city council vote in 2010 to move the potential site from one of the city’s central parks to open space in the north end of the city, where the park is located.

In December 2014, the Council and Mayor Sam Adams announced they will move forward with the plan to include the high-density auditorium site, but the site itself remains a parking lot in the north end and the site remains part of the old park.

“This land is in the core of the city of Portland,” said city spokeswoman Jackie Langdon. “It’s also in the middle of the city. It’s not really too far away, or too special, either.”

The proposal now includes the idea of having a parking structure on top of the site.

Critics say they are concerned that a parking structure on top of an event is too tall and could block views.

In addition, they said the proposal would create an event space that could become a hot spot for drunken driving accidents.

“We want to have a place for everyone to go,” said Densman. “But when

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