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The power of prayer is becoming more visible

The power of prayer is becoming more visible

The YouTube prayer channel started during Covid that’s causing a stir. But are they actually saving lives? Or are they just preaching to the converted?

In a room with a dozen people, a video opens with a voice declaring: “God, I pray that you take care of me.” It’s a prayer for peace and order, from an otherwise quiet, contemplative community of Muslims in the US.

Just one week later, a video posted by YouTube shows people congregating at a mosque in Oregon to show their love for God and for one another. They have their own ideas about how to do so. And they are prepared to take their faith into any kind of dire circumstance: “If you don’t have food, we will pray for you so that you will have food,” one woman tells the other.

It was just a month ago that online prayer was being used to pray in solitude. But in this time of crisis, the world has come to rely on the internet to connect us, and to pray almost everywhere. It is now part of our lives.

To meet the new reality, YouTube’s prayer channel, which has around a million subscribers, shows people doing the simple, practical tasks of feeding and caring for their families.

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“It’s not about changing the world,” says Kalkyl Aboudin, the creator of the YouTube prayer channel. “But it’s helping to show how important this can be, and how important it is for us to be connected in our lives to God and our neighbours.”

She believes the role of prayer is becoming more visible. “We are seeing our neighbours in prayer more and more.” But most mosques are far from this.

In the US, prayers are usually a private practice, rarely shared with anyone outside the household.

“This isn’t about politics or religion. This is about a belief in the power of prayer.”

Watching videos of people praying in their

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