The North Richmond Highway Community Centre is closed to the public

Rat population ‘exploding’ near garbage enclosure at TCHC building, worries neighbours

Residents of the North Richmond Highway Community Centre were stunned to learn that a large black rat was running loose at the centre while others were seen carrying bags from the garbage at the building.

Residents took to social media to vent their frustration, noting that the rats had been seen at the building within the past week.

According to some residents, the rat population has increased in the area as they note that trash has been dumped at the building for weeks.

Others have noted that the rats appeared to be getting bolder as new garbage bags were discovered at the centre.

Some residents reported seeing black rats while others saw them carrying food to feed the rats.

The rats even left their run and started eating trash off of the building’s front stoop.

“We can’t get rid of the rats. It would be like removing a tooth,” resident Rachael Stokes told WZTV.

When the rat population is brought to ‘low’, local residents suggest that they move to another location.

The City of Ottawa released a statement which read: “There is no rodent problem to report at the North Richmond Highway Community Centre.”

They also noted that they have requested advice from the Environmental Health Division regarding the rats in the community centre.

There is no problem with rats in the North Richmond Highway Community Centre, but we have reported the community to City of Ottawa & we are awaiting their advice.

There are no rats at the North Richmond Highway Community Centre and we would like to remind people to use the appropriate sanitation disposal bins which are easily accessible at all times.

The centre is open to the public seven days a week.

At this time, we have not experienced nor observed any rodents or rat infestations in the community centre.


The City of Ottawa is currently investigating this issue as per our terms of reference.

We will keep you posted.

TCHC has a no-rats policy.

The North Richmond Highway Community Centre is managed by the City of Ottawa in partnership with the North Richmond Highway Community Centre (TCHC) Foundation.

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