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The New Normal: The New Normal

The New Normal: The New Normal

Editorial: California’s election results require patience. That’s a good thing.

As Election Day draws ever closer, many questions are yet to be answered. Among them, why were Republicans in the Golden State elected to the most powerful offices, especially in the governor’s office? What will be the impact on state government and the economy when we can start working again?

It seems we’re headed toward a period of transition from the present to the very different new. The election results are another reminder of our collective need to find our way on the road to recovery.

The first state to see this kind of dysfunction may be New York. Although the election took place just two weeks ago, the drama that played out in the state’s political power structure should not be underestimated.

For the first time in 40 years, the governor lost the election to a Republican, a former political hand who promised to govern with an eye toward the future. The result will have implications for the future of New York state government.

Governor Andrew Cuomo.

New York is an exceptionally long way from the chaos of the first two terms of Gov. Eliot Spitzer, who had the nation’s highest-paid and highest-prestige public employee. With little experience in the private sector, Spitzer lost the governorship to Democrat Richard A. Brown with less than two months before the primary election. The result was a disastrous four-year term for the state.

Spitzer’s successor was a relative newcomer, State Comptroller and former Goldman Sachs CEO J. Edward L. “Chip” Spitzer. When he ran, the media predicted he would do the right thing for the state: cut spending, reduce taxes, and reform the state pension system.

Unfortunately, his first year in office was just the opposite. He cut spending by $1.3 billion, eliminated a tax on cigarettes, and closed a half-dozen government offices. His budget eliminated the state’s education programs and cut college scholarships. In the latest state budget, he proposed the cancellation of the program

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