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The Los Angeles Times: The Story of Mike Davis

The Los Angeles Times: The Story of Mike Davis

The 3 essential Mike Davis books that explain L.A. and why it is amazing

The Los Angeles Times is a paper that makes most people in America very happy. Many folks who make it big in their careers are referred to as “T. L. A. Times” because of their work there. The LA Times is a news publication that has been around since 1896 and has been referred to as one of the five largest papers in the United States. It is also the largest news outlet in Los Angeles County. Today, the LA Times still has one of the biggest newsrooms on the planet that publishes nearly 1.56 million words a day.

The LA Times was founded by Michael C. Kinsley and Martin Espada who were born and raised in Boyle Heights and San Pedro. In fact, Espada was an editor of the paper and Kinsley served as the editor of the paper from the day it started until his retirement. Espada’s wife, the late Edith Wilson, also worked as the publisher of the LA Times and as the editor in chief of the paper for many years. Both Espada and Wilson served in the U.S. House of Representatives.

At the heart of the LA Times is one of the most famous and outspoken members of the print media. Mike Davis was born in Los Angeles in 1930. His parents were poor immigrants who raised him in a single-parent household. When he was a young boy, Mike helped his father clean the gutters and carried the mail. While in college, he earned a scholarship to go to Pomona College. He then returned to Los Angeles and started a newspaper with a group of students at Pomona Colleges. Davis worked as an apprentice reporter at the Los Angeles Mirror and served as its editor for three years. In 1948, Davis became managing editor of the Los Angeles Times where he worked for six years. It was during his time at the LA Times that he had the honor of working on his first Pulitzer-winning investigative journalism piece on the notorious mob wars in the late 1920s and early 1930s.

While at the Los Angeles Times, Davis covered police beat and was the reporter who led the nation’s first coverage by a woman of the birth control clinic shooting that was carried out by a doctor named Dr. Bernard M

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