The Lego Movie 2 Is a Good Action Thriller

5 must-see movies to check out at L.A.’s Animation Is Film festival this weekend, and I’m already knee-deep in work. I’d just like to check things off the list.

1. The Lego Movie

When the Lego Movie opened in theaters last fall, the reviews were mixed — but mostly because people couldn’t figure out what it was. I like the movie enough — it’s funny and clever — but I’m a sucker for a good action thriller. And The Lego Movie is a good action thriller.

The story of the Lego Movie takes place in a world where Legos are super, and they get super strong. Everyone is super-tall. And they are all super-powerful.

It’s an action movie with a lot of action, and it has a good amount of humor as well. I think this will be a hit with kids. It’s the story of a kid who wants to be strong and to be able to do things that he can’t do with his brother. And he’s the only one who can be strong and do these things.

And it would be a hit with adults, too. We are adults now. We are allowed to be ridiculous and to have the fun of taking off our clothes, putting on our clothes, doing all sorts of things.

And so The Lego Movie is a reminder that we are allowed to get silly and to have fun.

2. Trollslash

Trollslash opened in theaters last summer and got off to a good start. But then it really hit a speed bump. As the trailers were released, everyone started bashing it.

Then it ran for months, and people were still saying it was terrible. Until, late at night, one particular tweet made people realize that Trollslash wasn’t terrible. And then another — or another thousand — then another. And then it became a hit. And it has been a hit ever since.

This movie is so fun, even though it is a little bit gross and adult at times. And that makes it a great kids movie. It’s a good movie.

3. The Lego Movie 2

The Lego Movie 2 is in theaters now. And it’s the second movie in the Lego Movie series. It’s a bit more grown-up, and it has some more of the action. But it’s still very fun and it’s really about a kid who’s

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