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Brazil’s presidential vote will go to second round run-off vote and will be held in less that two weeks.

Venezuela: With more than half the people of the country now registered in favor of the president of Nicolas Maduro, the ruling PSUV party (Socialist Party United) is hoping to win the election in the second round of voting in the presidential race. While the opposition National Assembly (AM) is fighting against the socialist leader, the election will be held on Sunday 24 November.

United Republic of Tanzania: President John Magufuli’s first round vote was heavily contested, in which he emerged victorious with 55 percent of the vote. In the second round, Magufuli secured 78 percent of the vote and was thus declared the winner.

United States: President Donald Trump has secured a second term for the electoral college. With the votes counted, he has over 99.7% of the electoral college votes, with a margin of almost 2 million votes. The Democratic Party (DP), which held the White House for two years after the election of Barack Obama in 2008, received 3,763,732 votes as of November 8, while the Republican Party (RP) received 3,927,760 votes. The DP’s margin in the electoral college was larger than any other political party in the history of the country.

Mexico: The National Action Party (PAN), which currently holds the presidency of the country, held a primary election on September 30. In the first round, the PAN secured 30 percent of the votes. In the second round that will take place on November 25, the party will fight against two other parties: the PRD, which holds 23% of the votes, and the PRI, which holds 14%. It is expected that the PRI will come in second, with more votes than any other party in the history of the country.

United Kingdom: The British Conservative Party will hold its first official election since the EU referendum in 2016, with Prime Minister Theresa May’s Conservative Party winning the majority with over 80% of the vote. Since the election of Donald Trump in

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