The Island Is The Perfect Place to Build A Resort

A tiny Florida beach town is rebuilding after a hurricane. Is it becoming a preserve of the rich? Or maybe it was already the preserve of the rich, but they just forgot about the poor?

“It was very strange to me. We were just driving up to Miami Beach, and when we got there, I was driving along the boardwalk. I was watching how the people were using the boardwalk so that they could walk on it and enjoy the beautiful beach. I’m thinking, ‘Boy, there’s a lot going on up here, and that’s the perfect place to build a resort.’ The first thing I thought when I saw this is ‘Who is going to be unhappy if they build resorts on these beaches because this is where rich people go.’ And then I started thinking, ‘But are these the rich people who go to visit?’ I don’t even know if they have been here a long time. It could be the new rich people who have been here but haven’t been here long. I thought that.

“When we got on the island there was a line of people at the gate, and it was very obvious that all these wealthy people were going to come here. There was a lot of press around the island, and of course people were asking them, ‘Why are you here?’ And you could tell with all the cameras on them, they were probably just here on a pleasure trip. You could tell. And there was a lot of rich people here. It did become a place where rich people were going to go.”

For all this, the only real concern of her fellow residents is the construction of a resort that will turn the island into a place for the rich to gather.

“I don’t know, to tell you the truth… this is the most beautiful and best place to build a resort. It should be. For the people that know about it, they would say to the other people that don’t know, it is probably not the best place for a resort. But I don’t think it will be that bad. I think it will be just fine. You know, the first people that said it would be bad are just saying so and so. I don’t think they know anything about it.”

She feels she is just another of the many people who have lived on the island all their lives, and so she doesn’t have any reason why people would want to take over the town.

“I don’t know what people are

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