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The GOP is Trying to Keep You From Voting for Yourself

The GOP is Trying to Keep You From Voting for Yourself

Letters to the Editor: Voting GOP makes no sense if you care about civility

In an effort to maintain civility for members of the media, it appears that you are going to have to put your civility on hold because the GOP-controlled House voted down Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s and Senator Chuck Schumer’s (D-NY) resolution to censure the President.

This action represents the GOP trying to maintain its hold on government, when you are the majority party, and yet, somehow, you can’t come to an agreement on your position.

The only thing that will maintain civility between opposing parties is to take a vote and decide on your position. Once you stop that practice, your party becomes the governing body for the nation and you become a member of the opposition party.

We know that the Democratic Party doesn’t care about our lives, but rather for the sake of their ideological objectives, as they can easily manipulate the electorate to vote a certain way. They are very adept at that, with the help of liberal media and their liberal friends and supporters.

We are no different. We are trying to preserve our nation from those who want to take away our rights and then claim that this is the will of the majority of the people.

In the same vein, if you voted for a Republican, the liberal media would be quick to suggest that you were in an “underground” organization and possibly that you were a Nazi/KKK sympathizer, because you are a member of the GOP.

With the way that our media works, it would be hard for them to keep you from voting based on your principles.

If you voted for a Democrat, you just got played hard, and they could claim that you were voting for Democrats to achieve their goals.

These are the kinds of tactics your parents warned you about when you were growing up. Yet, most of America allows this to happen.

It’s time to stop this charade of “I am voting for my own self-determination” and just accept the will of the majority.

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