The GOP is the most trusted candidate in the race for the U.S. Senate

More voters trust GOP over Democrats to handle key issues of economy, crime, immigration, says poll

The race for the Senate in Colorado will go down to the wire Tuesday, as voters go to the polls for the U.S. Senate primary.

With all nine U.S. Senate candidates running to take on Sen. Cory Gardner (R) for his seat in November, the winner will have to be elected in November.

The Washington Post and Morning Consult surveys show four of those candidates are within striking distance of Gardner.

Incumbent Sen. Mark Udall (D) is at the neck of the pack. He’s up by eight points from February.

In the race for governor, former Colorado resident Mike Coffman is tied with incumbent Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper. But he’s up by one point, from January.

A survey of 1,063 registered Colorado voters found more voters trust the Republicans on key issues of crime, health care, the economy and immigration than the Democrats.

The poll, conducted June 1-3, was conducted by MRC Communications Research. It asked 2,534 registered Colorado voters whether they would vote for the U.S. Senate candidate they were most likely to support. It then asked which candidate they most trusted with the following issues.

Sixty-three percent of voters said they would vote Republican, compared with just 34 percent who said they would vote Democratic.

In the general election, Republicans would need to gain just 42 percent of the vote in Colorado to win, while Democrats would need to gain 50 percent of the vote to take the general election.

“Conservatives are not monolithic when it comes to their party’s candidates – but they are united around their core priorities,” said Patrick Murray, director of the University of Virginia Center for Politics.

“Conservatives have long said they will vote Republican for all the reasons that have led them

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