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The First Time I Found A Room Without Furniture

The First Time I Found A Room Without Furniture

Help! The Hotel I Booked Online Became a Homeless Shelter and No One Told Me. Can You Help?

It’s not the first time this has happened. When I arrived in Chicago last October, I got the best hotel room in town, so I decided I was going to stay there for as long as I could, even if it meant spending an entire month in a tiny room without any furniture except what I could carry home in my suitcase.

I had a great time with my new friends, and then the first thing I noticed was that the room had no window and a small bed with nothing to sit on.

The only way to leave the room was by taking a flight to San Francisco that was already full. And then on the way back, which I did, I found out the bed could sleep only one because the hotel wanted to keep the room as a place to sleep temporarily.

I took a cab back to the hotel and asked for another room. The nice man at the desk said there was no room available because of the homeless hotel next door.

“What?” I asked. What was this place? Surely it wouldn’t be a homeless shelter.

“No,” the man said. “I don’t know the address, but there’s an old hotel in a warehouse down the street that’s supposed to be for homeless people. There are hundreds of people staying there.”

I looked at the man. He was holding out a piece of paper with a name on it.

“You can’t tell me that!” I asked. “You can’t tell me you’ve never heard of a place like this.”

“I don’t know the address,” the man said. “The guy who owns the place said there’s no room anywhere else. I know of no place like this.”

I ran out of the hotel and down the street to this place and asked the woman running it if

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