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The First Love I Found

The First Love I Found

Olivia Wilde, Mindy Kaling and Kim Kardashian Party at Baby2Baby

Sometime during the month of August, during the month you are on your honeymoon, you will discover the first love to be like all the others. A good love is when you don’t have to be in love, when everyone who sees you is aware of your new relationship, and you’re only in it for the “moment,” not because the two of you are so in love. This is what happened to me after my first, very short-lived, fling.

I am now happily in a new relationship while my first was on hold for the next few months. And it feels like a dream.

I’ve never been to a concert held at a private home during my life, but it seemed like the ideal setting to me. The event was held at the private home of the actress Mindy Kaling and her husband Andy Cohen, and she and her husband had invited a whole lot of celebrities, from Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga to Kate Hudson and many other guests.

“This is the best party ever,” I thought to myself. It was like a home improvement party.

The home was decorated like a resort–there were waterfalls on the floor, a hammock, a hot tub, air-con, a table with an open bar, and so much more.

The dinner table had not only been set with two large dining areas with seating for about twenty people. It was also divided into three sections, one for the guests, another for the staff and the last one for the hostess staff. So the guest list was actually really huge.

Mindy’s famous family was there. The family was there. The family was there. I looked around the house like it was the most interesting place on the planet. I couldn’t wait to go meet some of them.

There were also other families in the room, and it looked like all of them had played the same role in Mindy’s life. The mother and the grandmother were present and in the room with Mindy’s three daughters and Mindy’s husband to attend some sort of family event.

And everyone was dressed exactly like they would be on holidays or at a concert

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