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The Culture of St. Lucia

The Culture of St. Lucia

Diving Into the Local Culture on the Caribbean Island of St. Lucia

If you asked hundreds of people at any given time on any given country on any island in the world what their culture is, chances are you’d get the same answer. That’s probably because, no matter what culture you’re investigating, there’s a certain level of cultural universality that most people share. The culture that you’re visiting is an outlier, a bit more extreme, and something that you won’t find on the coasts of any other island in the world.

The culture on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia is a curious mix of the island native culture and the British colonial culture. It’s a culture where the island’s inhabitants share more in common with each other than they do with the tourist who’s visiting from the U.S.

St. Lucia is known as a “whole of island” destination, meaning that visitors can visit any of the island’s 19 different communities (towns) without having to worry about losing another town entirely to the tourists. St. Lucia is a tourist destination in itself. More than 90 percent of all tourists that visit St. Lucia are from the U.S. because of its proximity to the U.S. mainland and the amount of money that is brought into the country to tour the island.

The island of St. Lucia is an island of beautiful beaches and idyllic landscapes. St. Lucia has one of the strongest tourist economies in the Caribbean, as tourism is one of the largest industries on the island. St. Lucia’s cultural identity is not an obvious one, but its tourists bring tourists, and tourists bring tourists.

And with more tourists on the island, there are more tourists wanting to see their culture through the lens of the tourists’ cameras.

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