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The Cult Leader Who Was a Cult Leader

The Cult Leader Who Was a Cult Leader

Listen on the go: Four Days investigation, narrated by Kevin Donovan, follows the rise of a new cult, from the beginning to the end and beyond. This is my personal account, based on in-depth interviews and documents. My mother and I read the book together. The story was written from the perspective of the parents.

“When I tell you this, you probably won’t believe me. But it’s true. The story is unbelievable. Even after hearing it from my own parents, it’s hard for me to believe it.

“The fact is, my parents were in awe of Keith. They didn’t know he was a cult leader—they didn’t even suspect any of us of being cult members until after we started the cult. But they knew he had an evil presence about him.

“Their whole lives, Keith would show an interest in my mother that went beyond family. There was a time when she was trying to have a baby, and Keith was a sperm donor. He was the father. My parents were shocked, but never had an inkling that he was involved with the cult.

“When the cult came into their lives, they were just grateful and proud. Keith was helping people. My father liked having Keith around. My mother, too. There were so many things they loved about Keith. And as I grew older, I began to learn about the many ways in which Keith was involved with my parents, my siblings, and their children.

“It wasn’t until my mother was diagnosed with cancer after Keith and I began secretly meeting in secret places because I was terrified of what Keith was going to do. I didn’t let them know I was trying to leave him or that I was meeting Keith, because I didn’t know what else to do.

“I remember once I sat down on the couch with my parents and told them I had a vision. I didn’t tell them what I saw or how the vision made me feel. The whole experience terrified me as I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t control what was happening.

“I was sure I was going to die. My mother was just two years into chemotherapy, and she had so much anxiety about her health. After we had a serious discussion, I told her I had a vision. I told her I had seen her die.

“My mother was horrified. She said she wished she had

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