The cause of death of a teenager found hanging in a bush in Melbourne has been ruled a homicide

Leslie Jordan’s cause of death recorded as ‘deferred’ amid coroner’s office investigation. Photo: Getty Images

The death of the teenage girl found hanging in a bush at the end of her school in Melbourne last month has been ruled a homicide.

But the Victorian Coroner’s Court of Victoria on Tuesday ruled that her cause of death should not be made public.

The schoolgirl, whose name has not been released, was found in a bush near Elsternwick at 8.30pm on September 18, after she was last seen around 7.30pm the previous evening.

Her death was ruled a homicide because the police found a ligature around her neck which matches the ligatures used to strangle her.

But the Victorian Coroner’s Court said the matter of her cause of death was a “curious and very delicate” one and called for it to be examined by a forensic pathologist.

Victoria Police are now working with the Melbourne University Forensic Pathology Service to determine the manner of death.

There are now reports that Jordan was found bound by a neck string.

While the official cause of death has not been released yet, police have told that a post-mortem examination will likely show that she died of asphyxiation.

“The coroner’s court found that the cause of death is not known at this time, but it is very probable that it is a homicide,” Senior Constable Tom Vinson told

“In the absence of any new information, the investigation is now taking one of two pathways: either an examination by a forensic pathologist and the cause of death would be released to the public, or a decision would be made by the Coroner to release the cause of death.

“Information about who had custody of the body would also be required for the release of the cause of death. In the absence of any new information, I cannot comment any further about the cause of death.”

Police have said the two girls were close friends and have said they are working together with police to make their relationship work.

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