The California Forest Fire Breaks the Record for the Country’s Worst Forest Fire

Thousands flee Mosquito fire, still growing without containment west of Tahoe

SAN FRANCISCO – A fire that erupted early Saturday morning in a neighborhood east of Lake Tahoe broke the record for one of the country’s worst forest fires in history.

San Francisco authorities said the fire had burned through nearly 22,000 acres, nearly 5,000 of which were now contained.

“It just keeps growing and growing,” said Paul Gessner, a fire expert in California.

But, as of Saturday evening, the fire was still growing uncontrollably and appeared to be spreading to a new neighborhood. By early Sunday, it had burned another 9,000 acres.

The fire started in a vacant, two-story home in the Lake Tahoe Alpine Meadows community at 5:30 a.m. Saturday, and it appeared to be one of the few homes left standing.

The fire has burned through the area. Now, Gessner said it is likely that, when this fire does eventually burn through the rest of the Lake Tahoe region, which he said would be extremely difficult for firefighters, it could cause more destruction.

“This fire could be the largest loss in California history”, he said.

It’s unknown how severe the fire’s impact on the community is, since there are no official numbers of people who now live in the Lake Tahoe area.

But, Gessner said there are no official statistics on which he could compare the loss, since the last time he checked into local numbers was in 2006, the year the area became a Lake county.

It was a time when the community had a population of under 2,000.

Firefighters had not returned to the Lake Tahoe area on Saturday night. San Francisco Fire Chief Joanne Hayes-Brady said the community was evacuated and fire crews were in the process of leaving.

The Lake Tahoe area has been without power since the fire erupted in the early morning hours, and it is not expected to be fully functional for the next couple of days. The area was a popular spot to swim in the summer months, and it was

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