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The California Democratic Party is a real turning point in California’s election

The California Democratic Party is a real turning point in California’s election

After last-minute alarm, Democratic Rep. Julia Brownley hangs on to Ventura County seat in tight race

A second-term congressman who won in a district that went for Hillary Clinton by double-digits just two years after Barack Obama won the state by more than 20 percentage points says there’s a sense among Democrats that 2018 has been a “real turning point in the state of California.”

A new poll shows former Congressman Tom McClintock has a 1 point lead over Julia Brownley, despite a big wave of fundraising from the national party. McClintock took the lead in a survey of 600 likely voters, 43 percent to Brownley’s 38 percent.

If the race ends up a close contest, it would be the first by a California Democrat for nearly a decade — since California GOP Rep. Darrell Issa won reelection in the district by more than 30 percentage points in 2010.

The election is a test of whether California’s increasingly liberal electorate will be turned off by the Republican Party. Republican Gov. Tom Wolf’s administration is cracking down on sanctuary cities, cutting funding for school construction and a package of legislation that would raise taxes and limit local authority, such as local police departments taking on the responsibility for sanctuary cities.

Brownley’s office issued a letter to voters warning, “Don’t fall for an alarmist campaign.” She wrote that there is no reason to believe the race will be close, and that she is only trailing by 5 points. She did not respond to a request for an interview.

“Tom McClintock is a strong advocate for small business, a fiscal conservative who has championed key reforms in the field of immigration, and who has taken leadership on issues like the environment, gun violence and climate change,” Brownley said. “He has consistently voted against the Republican leadership despite their opposition to commonsense policies on issues I care about.

“The fact that he

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