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The Brink’s Heist: The Inside Story

The Brink’s Heist: The Inside Story

Brink’s heist saga: How do you fence stolen gems worth millions? Inside the jewelry black market in Paris

In 2011, the world was fascinated by the story of a woman named Anne Bélanger, who managed to steal $1.6 billion worth of jewelry from a Paris vault and give it away to the homeless. The jewelry was hidden in a Swiss bank vault, at first thought to be an impenetrable safe—but the woman who had the safe had been in jail for a decade awaiting criminal proceedings.

The story seemed to be a case of someone who had the money and no interest in staying on the right side of the law. The story soon fell off the front pages, and in 2012, when the thief was caught and sentenced to 15 years in prison, the world once again turned its attention to Anne Bélanger.

And now, five years later, we are once again riveted, not by the story of the thief, but of the people who live as if the story is just another one of Anne Bélanger’s many dreams.

This past October, a massive French heist with international implications took place. In the course of a single morning, more than $2.8 million worth of jewelry was taken out of the safety deposit boxes of 14 accounts, including the accounts of some of the most prominent people in France, including President Francois Hollande, Prime Minister Manuel Valls, and a member of the French elite. It’s called the Brink’s heist, and many have wondered exactly how it’s done.

This was the largest jewelry heist since the famous heist at Fort Knox a decade ago, and it’s something of a gold rush in Paris—but it’s a gold rush in disguise.

Inside the Paris jewelry heist

Here is the inside story of the Paris jewelry heist.

There are six separate accounts that are involved in the heist, and they are all located in the same

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