The Bold and the Beautiful: Patrick Duffy, the Heart of Dallas

‘Dallas’ star Patrick Duffy returns to ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ with Linda Purl for show’s 36th season, which kicks off this July 8th. (Photo by Aasif Mandvi/ABC)

Dallas’ Patrick Duffy makes his return to The Bold and the Beautiful with a new love

On The Bold and the Beautiful, Patrick Duffy is the heart of Dallas. But before he was a heart, he was a man of mystery. He disappeared in the late ’80s and resurfaced when David Crosby, who wrote the show, decided to make him a regular. He got into more trouble when he ran into his old high school friend, Linda Purl, who wanted him to play her husband, D.J.

While there was no love lost between the two, the two remained friends. When David and Linda wrote a pilot for the show in the ’90s — D.J. and Charlie’s wedding — it was an instant hit. By then, Duffy had married and had three kids.

In 2003, he told his former girlfriend, Amy, about what happened in the ’80s.

“He told me that he met David in New York when he was playing with a group of street musicians. David played guitar and they were in a band. He asked for a ride to the airport, and he asked him to get back to New York for the audition for The Voice. After he landed, he told him he was a singer and needed a guitar player. They formed a band together,” Amy Duffy told E! News.

But, when Duffy went to audition for The Voice in 2000, he was a nobody. Then, he got cast on another soap, The Bold and the Beautiful, where he would find love again. And, when David and Linda decided to take on the challenge of bringing him back, she was the only person he told.

Duffy’s journey from a street musician to a heart would continue on The Bold and the Beautiful as he faced the same challenges, and more, that he did on Dallas.

Duffy made his return to The Bold and the Beautiful tonight, with the return of Linda Purl, on the episode he is shooting this week.

Amy Duffy remembers the moment she first met Duffy:

“There was a guy at school who I would hang out with every day. He was one of my best friends. Then

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