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The Best Love Story Is Being Turned into a Movie

The Best Love Story Is Being Turned into a Movie

James Corden is out, Anne Hathaway is in. But the biggest hypocrite is us.

The world’s greatest love story is being turned into a movie about whether we’ll get to kiss our significant others this Valentine’s Day. That may sound more romantic than The Notebook, which is probably how Anne Hathaway learned the news that she’s getting a part in The Bachelorette. Hathaway plays the part of Jessica. You know, the one who made the fake fiancé, played by Ben Barnes, fall for her. But let me tell you, it’s not the best part of the movie, which is a major step backwards from Hathaway’s earlier work as a lead in a major motion picture. Here’s why.


Here we go again. The first love story of its kind, with real human love between real people, is being turned into a movie where the romantic hero is portrayed as the worst kind of jerk.

There’s this old theory about who loves us the most. It’s usually the one who puts in more effort than us. It’s generally the one who is going to give us the most to make us happy. It’s the person who’s going to get our back even when we mess up. And, it’s generally the person who doesn’t feel the need to be better than us. It’s the one we feel safe with. We’re safe with them.

The theory kind of explains why the first love story, when it comes to movies, is usually the sweetest. But, it doesn’t explain why the romantic heroes in romantic movies are the jerks.

The point of romance is that we feel safe with them. We’ve seen them. We know they wouldn’t hurt us. We don’t want to make a fool of ourselves over a new crush and have it

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