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The Beauty and Lifestyle Company: Jennifer Guidi

The Beauty and Lifestyle Company: Jennifer Guidi

Where the Sky Meets the Sea: Jennifer Guidi Leans Into Beauty and Lifestyle in the Dominican Republic

We caught up with the founder and CEO of The Beauty and Lifestyle Company, Jennifer Guidi, as she walked us through the beautiful beauty and life of the Dominican Republic. We also got a behind-the-scenes look at how Jennifer started her empire. As you read it, you are bound to fall in love with this stunning island.

Jennifer is a creative entrepreneur and lifestyle brand enthusiast. Starting out with her own cosmetics line as a 19-year-old college student, she has since become an icon of beauty in the fashion, lifestyle, and publishing world. Now, as CEO of The Beauty and Lifestyle Company, she is inspiring all of us to live life on our terms and in our beauty.

Tell me about how exactly The Beauty and Lifestyle Company came into being.

I have always been creative. I’ve been writing, drawing, painting, and doing a variety of art projects. When I graduated high school, I wanted to have a career that would use my talents in some way. But I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. I took a creative design class at the local community college, and just as I was about to graduate, I started volunteering in a salon after school. After about 3 hours, I had the chance to learn how I wanted to make money. The salon owner would teach me how to apply my talents in design, cut my hair, and offer services I would otherwise have to purchase. I learned about wholesale and retail, and after a while, a lot of things fell into place.

I went to college for computer science and business. Before I was working there, I had already created a few businesses with my business partner. We were doing freelance web design, graphic design, web development, and marketing. Then I started my first company, which was a retail website. It took only 6 months to create the site. My brother is a realtor, so I was trying to work toward my dream of opening a boutique to sell my products. Then I met a friend. We shared a common love for all things

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