The Australian Open is a Disput over what tennis should be seen

Novak Djokovic is welcome at Australian Open, says tournament director; Russian and Belarusian players can compete in Australian Open

The Australian Open began a week ago with more than 100,000 spectators packed into Melbourne Park Stadium as Australia’s tennis season began in grand style with one of the top players in the world, Novak Djokovic, entering as a lucky loser, to the tournament.

Since that moment, the first week of the Australian Open has been dominated by a dispute over what tennis should be allowed to be seen.

It all began last week, when the International Tennis Federation announced a ban on the sight of any players in underwear, which the players had come up with to protest the I.T.F’s ban on “in-the-shower” photos of players to be taken in their underwear.

The I.T.F. has decided to ban, on three successive days, in-the-shower photos between male players in tournament clothes, as well as out-of-wet photos of the male sex symbol of the sport, a photograph of Mr. Serena Williams taken in her bed on the morning after her wedding to Mr. Rafael Nadal.

But the players are making it much more difficult than that. The players have requested that the tournament be run by a committee, which means that the tournament staff will have to police the in-the-shower photos themselves. But the organizers have refused to work with that committee, or with even any committee that they know cannot get approval on the rules they have written.

The organizers have put up a website, where fans can post messages to the organizers and can ask them to run the tournament by a committee. But the organizers have refused to work with that committee.

So, the players have taken matters into their own hands. They have asked the tournament to appoint a committee to run the tournament. They have said that they want the tournament to be run by a committee, but they have not asked for the committee to be formed by a vote of the tournament staff.

The tournament directors have said that they do not have the power to

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