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The Adventures of Tintin: A Review

The Adventures of Tintin: A Review

Play Spielberg in a film directed by Spielberg? No pressure.

The film is called The Adventures of Tintin, and it stars Hugh Jackman as Tintin and DOP Patrick Stewart as his longtime friend and assistant, Captain Haddock. The film will be distributed by Universal Pictures. I haven’t read the script — I don’t think I can get through one hour with all this hype in a single sitting — but I have read two reviews of the script. The first, from The Hollywood Reporter, was written by “Cinema Spy” Kevin McLain; the second, from the Hollywood Reporter, was written by “Variety” writers Ben Fritz and Robertbenchley.

Both contain a mixture of praise and criticism, and for one of the ‘reviews,’ it’s a mixed bag.

The Hollywood Reporter writes, “The first major project helmer Steven Spielberg has produced since his return to the studio helm, ‘The Adventures of Tintin’ promises to be a classic, its story of modernity’s quest to understand the past.”

I like this line because it seems to give ‘Steven’ a lot of credit, a sort of ‘I did it!’ But, I mean, what’s wrong with a film about a character from the 60s? In fact, I love the 60s: The era that spawned the Tintin comics, the 60s spy fiction of John le Carré, the 60s musical ‘Fame’ by Alan Menkin (and about to receive the Oscar nomination for his original screenplay of “Love Song”), the 60s films of Sergio Leone, the 60s horror of John Carpenter, and the 60s music of Elvis Presley — which is where the “classic” becomes “pure.”

Anyway, it’s good to point out the influence of the 60s on modern works

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