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The 14th Amendment is a lie

The 14th Amendment is a lie

Letters to the Editor: There’s an obvious solution to reining in the Supreme Court; that is, repeal the 14th Amendment. The “original meaning,” as we have been inundated with by conservative apologists to the Constitution, means that the 14th Amendment is only supposed to apply to the states, and that slaves were not yet citizens of the United States when the Constitution was ratified. The 14th Amendment was passed during the Civil War to protect slaves from their owners, who were, by the way, not under Union command at the time. How can anyone argue that the 14th Amendment should be applied retroactively and be applied to blacks?

The original intent of the 14th Amendment was to protect newly free blacks, and to not enslave them.

The “original meaning” of the 14th Amendment is a lie.

John M. Dillard, Meredosia

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