Shakira faces tax fraud charges in Spain

Pop singer Shakira to face trial over tax fraud in Spain

Updated: 2013-07-04 10:37:36 |

Shakira, the Spanish pop singer, will face trial on charges of tax fraud on July 28, but the exact charges are not yet known. (Mariana Castro / AP)

Spanish police said recently that they are investigating the singer Shakira, and have also arrested a man who works for her, for allegedly filing an incorrect tax claim for income from a concert in Spain that was never held.

The singer, 34, was due to perform in Bilbao in July, and according to reports was tipped off days earlier that Spain’s tax authorities wanted to question her about overstating her income. The incident is similar to the investigation of a Norwegian pop star whose taxes were stolen by her tax agent, with prosecutors accusing her of tax evasion.

The news of the investigation was met with alarm by tax experts and other lawyers in Spain, who say that this is something that could happen anywhere.

“She’s a superstar, everyone knows who she is. Not many people would do this,” said Jose Manuel Barraquer, a tax attorney based in Spain. “It’s not like taxes in Spain are a new thing. There has been a number of people who have broken the tax code, but this is something a lot more serious than that.”

The news came after tax officials in Spain announced earlier this year that they had charged the Norwegian singer Mai Lai, the lead singer of the Euro-pop duo, with tax fraud for allegedly overstating her income by 30 percent.

Lai, the second of the trio, was also a singer, appearing on stage in Norway with Mai and fellow singer Laila, but her band had no record of her ever being on their tour.

Shakira, whose real name is Emanual Sa a, is a Spanish singer who has sold more than 100 million records worldwide and is widely regarded as the biggest star in Spain.

She has also won numerous grammy awards

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