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Serena Williams says she is “not retired”

Serena Williams says she is “not retired”

Serena Williams teases tennis fans as she says ‘I’m not retired’ – but not until after she beats Naomi Osaka.

On the eve of her first Grand Slam final appearance for more than a decade, Serena Williams will say she is “not retired”.

At 30, the three-time champion of the US Open is likely to become the first woman to win all four majors in a single season. She could also become the first to win the Australian Open, WTA Tour championships, Wimbledon and the French Open at the same time.

Asked whether she views her career as “over”, she said she had many goals still to achieve. “I’m not retired, that’s the honest answer.

“I have no idea. Right now, I’m focusing on these next three events first and then getting ready to compete.” In the meantime, she will be working on her next book, which she says is in the final stages.

Williams, who recently revealed she had undergone gender-change surgery, gave no details of how she plans to use the last of her tennis elbow. Asked whether the injury had hurt her, she said: “I’ve been having so many ups and downs mentally with the injury – not on court but just how I do this. It did make things hard mentally.”

She added: “It’s been a pretty big struggle. Being from a little, small town on the South Side of Chicago, you hear about things that happen in other cities. Like when I was coming up, the way things were, you felt like you were an outcast, you didn’t have any friends, you didn’t go to school. It was kind of like, ‘OK, that’s life.’ I used to tell myself, ‘if you do this, you can be a

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