Scotiabank Arena to host COVID-19 vaccination clinic

Scotiabank Arena to host mass COVID-19 vaccination clinic for young kids Dec. 12.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to ravage the nation, Scotiabank Arena is preparing to host what could become the world’s first mass coronavirus vaccine clinic for young children, The Canadian Press has learned.

The event is scheduled for Saturday, December 12, and will bring together about 200 young kids to have five doses of the vaccine.

After the vaccinations, children will be given a free COVID-19 test in hopes of finding out if they are immune to a potentially fatal virus that has infected about 80,000 Canadians during the last week.

And if they’re immune, they will receive money to help cover the cost of a COVID-19 vaccine they will receive as part of the event.

“We know that immunizations is the best way to protect children and in this particular scenario, we know that vaccinating a child with the vaccine can help them be protected from this disease,” said Michael Delaney, medical director of the Vaccines for Children Network.

The only requirement for the vaccination clinic is that parents bring their children to the arena that day.

“The government will not be paying for it,” he said, explaining that all money for the vaccination clinic will come from donations that parents are encouraged to fill out on the website,

If COVID-19 is found to not be a threat to the children, they will be given the vaccine for free.

“It’s not being paid for by the government and we believe that all of the money collected will go to assist COVID-19 vaccine development,” Delaney said.

Parents can register at the website in the next few weeks, he said, adding that the event is scheduled to take place Saturday.

The clinic has been organized by the Vaccines for Children and W.C.V.I.D.CO.

At the opening of the event, the government has promised that, as per usual, all fees will

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