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Richard Haass, Council on Foreign Relations chairman, announces he will step down

Richard Haass, Council on Foreign Relations chairman, announces he will step down

Richard Haass to Step Down as Council on Foreign Relations Chief

Richard Haass, the Council on Foreign Relations chairman, announced Monday that he would step down from his position next year, saying that his work for the organization had ended.

The announcement came in a letter addressed to the organization’s director general, Richard Haas, that was released by the Council on Foreign Relations.

Haass wrote that his tenure at the Council, which started in 1996, “has been one of the most challenging to my professional career to date.”

Haass said that the organization faced some “very significant challenges,” and that he was stepping down so he could be with his family. The council is an organization of more than 700 member organizations that serve in government, academia, law firms and in other public and nonprofit organizations.

“This will be the end of the Council on Foreign Relations as a distinct entity,” wrote Haass. “I have been very proud to serve this great organization for over 25 years.”

Haass also said he had “mixed feelings about leaving” the Council. “It is not a personal decision, and this is not a decision about who should be in the administration or leadership of this organization — I have said both before and now that I am grateful for the experiences I have had in the years I have served as a professor, senior fellow, chairman.

“It is my hope that the Council can continue under a new banner, and this is the right time for me to step back from the day-to-day operations of this work and return to my family and private life,” he wrote.

Haass was nominated by President Bill Clinton’s administration and endorsed by President George W. Bush. Haass also served as director of the Office of Public Diplomacy under the George W. Bush administration.


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