President Kikwete apologizes to Kenya for his son’s ill-advised invasion of Nairobi

Uganda president apologizes to Kenya for son’s ill-advised invasion tweets

Kenya — President Kikwete apologized Saturday to Kenya for his son’s ill-advised invasion of Nairobi as he issued a formal apology to citizens of Kenya and said he would take full responsibility for his actions.

“I am sorry for the wrongs that took place on July 7 this year,” President Kikwete said at the presidential residence on Saturday. “My son is sorry and has accepted the apology that I have given him.”

The president said “I have acted stupidly.”

During a brief ceremony at the residence he received a Kenyan national flag, a ceremonial sword and a ceremonial dagger. He was later offered a Somali national flag.

The president reiterated his intention to take full responsibility for his son, Alfred, who was charged with “murder” by Kenya’s interior minister because of his alleged ill-advised invasion of Nairobi. Kikwete said he would “seriously examine the situation” and “take the necessary actions to rectify the situation.”

President Kikwete’s remarks came a day after he apologized to Kenya, his country’s former colonial master.

“I was deeply hurt by the treatment meted out by the leader of the host nation,” President Kikwete said in Nairobi. “I am deeply saddened with that action.”

In Kenya, the president’s apology was met with much more skepticism than the president’s statement of regret on Saturday.

Some critics believed he had given out a scripted “apology” to placate the public’s anger. One Kenyan politician said the president’s apology amounted to “making excuses for a killer.”

“An apology is a serious thing. It requires a lot of emotion,” said Moses Chebab, a political analyst. “It is very easy to be politically correct when there is no issue. That’s usually the case with politicians. In this

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