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Pete Buttigieg Can’t Do Town Hall in Seattle

Pete Buttigieg Can't Do Town Hall in Seattle

Guerrero: Wake up, Democrats. Don’t let Republicans own the issue of violent crime in your city, because they won’t. There’s just no hope that Mayor Pete could win any time in Seattle’s city council. There’s no way the Seattle-area Democrats could lose any time in this election. It just ain’t gonna happen.

It’s that simple: Pete Buttigieg has no chance, he’s been told over and over and over again. He’s out of the race and he only has three weeks to get the party started for a second and maybe a third Democratic presidential debate before the Iowa caucuses, with the Super Tuesday primaries just days away. The other candidates are all in the race. And Buttigieg is out of town doing his book tour.

For the first time a mayor has to announce his decision to not run for president in the closing weeks of a long campaign — and he’s the only candidate in the race who can’t do it.

Don’t let us down! Pete Buttigieg just has to leave the city of Seattle to announce he’ll run for president in November.

Buttigieg will be heading to New York on Sunday for a book tour, but he’s also set to hold a large gathering at the University of Washington in Seattle on Thursday for the Pacifica Foundation for a Better Future to talk about his progressive agenda to address income inequality and his efforts to bring about change.

He’ll then head to Las Vegas on Monday, stopping in Washington state on the way. But the Democratic Party has told him he can’t do an in-person town hall in either city because of a campaign fundraising event that was organized last month by the National Rifle Association and hosted by an advocacy group called Everytown.

The gun lobby is the target of a fundraising event hosted by Everytown, a gun-control group funded by New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, who announced his presidential bid on Sunday.

Everytown is hoping to capitalize on the momentum of the gun control debate as well as Pete Buttigieg’s decision not to run for president. It’s hoping to

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