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Patty Murray — Washington State Senator

Patty Murray — Washington State Senator

Patty Murray Wins Sixth Term in Washington

Patty Murray (D-WA, D-C, D-WA) has been elected to the House of Representatives, representing Washington, Washington State, in the 116th Congress. She was joined by four other new candidates for seats in the Washington State House of Representatives: James Williams (D-WA), Jason Dunn (D-WA), David Osmek (D-WA) and Mark Kennedy (R-RI).

In Washington State, Murray is the fourth Democrat to win a sixth term, after former U.S. Senator Patty Murray, State Senator Kim Thatcher and Washington State Representative Jim McDermott.

In the Senate, Murray is the first female (and first non-Republican) to make history. Also, Patty Murray is the first person since former Senator John Sherman to represent both Washington and Alaska.

This is an exciting day – a new Congress with fresh ideas and new ideas can continue to improve the lives of our great state,” said Patty Murray. “As Washingtonians, it is our responsibility to govern well and for those who don’t have the vote, I promise to work for their votes and for those of Washingtonians who don’t have the vote, I promise to work for their votes.”

“Patty’s record of results for working families is in a class of her own and she is prepared to work for all of us,” Senator Patty Murray says. “From the time she was elected as a state senator, to the time she was elected to the State House and now she’s the only Washington State Senator who has served two terms. She’s proven to be a consistent advocate for hard working families and a tireless defender of the middle class. I’m committed to working with her on issues that are important to all Washingtonians and I look forward to her leadership

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